The Lord God Mithra, wise and all-knowing judge and king of the world has given the world many blessings and guided the enlightened believers of the world. The Lord God Mithra has sheltered the world from many ills, but the portents are coming true regarding the one thing that Mithra’s mercy cannot spare us from; the Dark Ones. Through divine inspiration the monks in the Well of Words have discovered an ancient scroll known as the ‘Trepidations of Lam’.

The ‘Trepidations of Lam’ speak of the terrible days ahead, of the coming of the Dark Ones, their nearly unstoppable power, and the inevitable ruination of the world. The scroll says that they are terrible creatures dwelling in the darkest corners of the netherworlds. When the magical auras of these worlds eclipse, the Dark Ones will be able to slip between this world and the barren and blasted realm where they dwell. Every ten thousand years these Dark Ones return to Earth to feed upon the creatures and the land, and soon, they will be returning in full force. Long have we lived beside the ruins of the First Men, eyeing what great structures remain, marveling at their mysteries, with few ever having wondered where they had gone; drunk as we were in the power of our own nations. We assumed that they had faded gracefully into the night, but the ‘Trepidations of Lam’ speak otherwise, that they went screaming and painfully into oblivion.

It is said by the priests of Mithra that these Dark Ones can be killed, but many believe that this is just talk to soothe the fears of the populous and give us false hope. Giants come down from the mountains and hills. The boar-men of the Volg stream from the arrowgrass to plunder and burn the horse lords and nomads of the area. Spiders gather and hunt in packs in the forests tainting the True Woods. The fabled serpent men slither out of their desert lairs and wreak havoc upon the infidels of the East. But most of all, men turn upon men, with panic, paranoia and suspicion showing on many people’s faces.

Now more and more people, and not just the faithful, are heeding the warnings the scrolls provide. However, the reaction has been mixed, given that the date of the Dark One’s arrival is estimated to be about thirty years from now. Some abandon their hopes for the future, and descend into apathy, despair, and hedonism. Others try and soldier on, fortifying their faith and contemplating what the dark days ahead will hold. The best of us prepare, and seek ways to shield others from the coming horrors. This is in this world that you are finding yourself amongst. Will you be a hero such as the world cries out for, or will you see this world as an opportunity to take what you want while you still can?

The Dusk of Urth

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