Lady Urbana ‘Torno’ Fiore


Urbana is a fairly plump woman with a warm smile and her hair in tight buns on the corners of her head. Her and her husband Luigi were married twenty years ago (Luigi was just 11) and the Torno family is not one of noble birth. The marriage was arranged between Leone and a merchant named Marco Torno who owns a fleet of no less than 15 Carraks. Marco Torno and Leone Fiore were long time acquaintances and partners in several speculation ventures to the Dark Continent where Marco increased his already vast fortune and Leone earned the honors that made him Count of Cassino. This relationship was further cemented by the marriage of two of their children. Urbana loves Luigi incredibly and adores that the marriage has made her true nobility, although she still is very much a merchant captain’s daughter. Her shrewd mind and business savvy and Luigi’s suspicious and meticulous nature make them a pairing that can accomplish amazing things. Urbana’s greatest accomplishment is her three wonderful daughters; Brunilda (19), Paola (14), and Amanda (7).



Lady Urbana ‘Torno’ Fiore

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